10 Stylish On-Trend Plus Size Jeans Above A Size 24

By Marcy Cruz, contributor at Plus Model Magazine

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#10: Invisible Stretch Colored Straight Leg Jeans by Denim 24/7 from OneStopPlus, Sizes 12W – 32W

Shopping for plus size jeans can be difficult since all of us don’t have the same body shape or carry our weight in the same areas. Thankfully, plus size denim has evolved over the years as the fashion industry has become more aware of the clothing needs of plus size women. More retailers are offering plus size jeans in different styles, cuts, colors and fabrics that are on-trend, stylish and for every budget.

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Plus Model Magazine – The Denim Issue

As a plus size woman who was once a size 32 and is now a 26, I get it. Many retailers and brands stop at a size 24 and think that’s serving all plus size women when it really isn’t. But there are retailers and brands out there that know that fashion doesn’t stop at a size 24 and offer clothing above a 24. Some offer fashion up to a size 36! And the offerings are just as stylish as the ones available to our thinner sisters.

You just have to be willing to do your research on what’s out there. Know your measurements, know what works for your body and know what’s comfortable. I talk more to shopping for denim above a size 24 in this month’s issue, our Denim issue, and give tips on choosing the right denim for you, as well as list 15 retailers who offer denim above a size 24.

Here’s 10 stylish (and on-trend!) plus size jeans that are offered in sizes above a 24 …





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