25 Places to Shop for Plus Size Swimwear

By Marie, blogger at The Curvy Fashionista

It is the peak of summer, and HOT. Not like ohhh it is warm outside. It is so hot that I need to run my AC till 7pm hot. YES. And so visions of the beach, lake, and river come into mind. So what do we reach for? Our fabulous PLUS SIZE SWIMWEAR. Contrary to what the ignorant woman from the Daily Mail said and more like what CeCe Olisa retorted, we can, do, and have rocked our plus size bathing suits and bikinis well. (Inserts a snap in the air)

… Thanks to the plethora of plus size designers and the retailers who have listened, there are now more options, save the black one piece- still a must though, that will have you fashionably covered!  Offering the three F’s of fashion: form, function, and fashion; plus size swimwear is no longer boring or a myth!

Playful colors, suits that flaunt your curves, bikinis that would make one blush, and the classic silhouettes that are always a must have- all to match your style and pocketbook! And you know, I got your back, keep on reading to check out the 20 25 + 1 retailers and designers who fashion swimwear for YOU.

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