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One thing I hate about being a curvier girl is that it is harder to find trendy clothes in bigger sizes.  Just because I am not a stick doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cute too.  I don’t want to wear pillowcases.  I want to wear what I see in boutiques.  I just wish they made those clothes in sizes bigger than 10.  One size fits all isn’t true when you are curvalicious.

Jessica London understands this desire to be trendy and modern and they hit the nail on the head in style.  Jessica London is for ladies sized 12-40.  They feature clothes that are office professional all the way to cute and casual, even sleepwear and swimsuits!  They also carry shoes in wide width and wide calves.  The best part is they “don’t start with a trend meant for a smaller size and then alter it in an attempt to fit a plus size.” We all know that not only does that not work but it isn’t flattering for curvier bodies.  Their “cuts, patterns, shapes and proportions have always been created for plus sizes 12 to 40 from the very beginning.”

One thing I have learned when constructing my wardrobe is to find staple pieces that I can mix and match with other things in my closet.  Then I can throw in a trendy piece and make a completely new look without breaking the bank.  This makes it so I don’t have to have tons of clothes to have tons of looks and styles.  I received three pieces from Jessica London and they fit in this “staple” category 100%.

First I received the Stretch Denim Jeggings in Mint Sorbet.  I was a little nervous to try these on because the word “jegging” made me think sausage casing.  Thankfully I was totally wrong!  These jeans fit like a dream!!  Let me back up and define jeggings for you in case you were like me and don’t know what they are.

1. leggings that are made to look like denim with fake pockets and belt loops
2. stretch denim that pull on.

These pants are the latter; stretch skinny denim that pull on like leggings.  Meaning, they do not have a zipper and button closure.  These sit higher on the waist, which I like because then my tummy is more “controlled”…code for my gut doesn’t hang over :)  I LOVE the color.  Think mint chocolate chip ice cream…yup!  just like that!  These are great for all seasons; with a sweater and boots or rolled up with open toe wedges and a flowy shirt.  Although I received a size 16 I wouldn’t normally wear a size 16.  Actually I still wear in my size 12′s.  The trick with these is pay attention to the size chart.  I measured before ordering and got the size the chart recommended.  These really are a wonderful, comfortable pair of pants!

Next, I received the Striped Top in New Khaki Stripe.  This is an EXTREMELY flattering shirt.  It hangs just right and allows the shirt to cover up lumps and bumps in my midsection.  I love this because I am in that awkward stage of getting a baby bump but looking like I am just gaining weight.  This covers all that awkwardness up and will be great for postpartum too.  Each section of diagonal material is a separate piece of material and all are attached to a bottom layer.  This is nice because if there is a breeze you don’t have to worry about a peek-a-boo midsection.  I received this top in a 14/16 and although it fits great and will work wonderfully for a changing body, if I were not pregnant I could downsize to the 12 and have it work just as well.  Dress it up or wear it casual, either way it is great!

Lastly, I received the Single Breasted Linen Blazer in Deep Navy.  I originally received a size 14 and it was HUGE.  Here I will show you:

too big
SEE!  It is drowning me.  I did look at the size chart before ordering, in fact, I even read the reviews.  Some reviews say it fit great and true to size, others say it was huge on them.  I can’t speak for other people and their body shapes but I can tell you that this 44″ chest and 37″ waist (pregnant) doesn’t work for a size 14.

Luckily I was able to exchange it for one size smaller, a 12.  SO much better!  I really like this blazer because it can be worn with jeans or with a skirt.  The inside of this single breasted blazer is nicely lined.  This is a great true navy color too.  Blazers are so flattering on the body…I will be wearing it throughout my entire pregnancy and beyond.

All together these pieces make a super cute outfit.  It is great because it can be worn all year.  Maybe in the summer you may be a little hot wearing a 3/4 length shirt and a blazer but indoors in an office it would be great.  With just a change of shoes and accessories and a couple cuffs of the pants and blazer, this one outfit can be worn many different ways.  Not to mention all the ways it could be worn as separate pieces.

full outfit



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