Fearless Fashion: Channeling My Inner Lady In Red

"When in doubt, wear red."

by Marcy – Blogger, Fearlessly Just Me

I absolutely love this quote from Bill Blass and always think of it when I pull a piece of red clothing to wear from my closet:

 “When in doubt, wear red.”

Date outfits main photo

 … For years, without even knowing it, I have been playing around with adding hints of red to my wardrobe and not just wearing a red dress once in a while. I guess subconsciously I am saying that I wanted to channel my inner Lady in Red, my alter ego, on a regular basis. We should feel bold and strive for fearless moments daily. And for me, fashion plays a big part of that. I started slowly with a classic red blazer, some red flats and shoot, even a red graphic tee. My love for Hello Kitty knows no bounds and I don’t care if I’m above the age of 25 wearing an HK tee. Life is all about breaking those silly fashion rules.

Lately, I have been in a slump. I think it’s mostly due to the winter season and the fact that NYC has been getting major snow and super cold temps this season. So I decided that this month, I would show myself some extra love and take myself out on some dates. It is the month of love and since I am single, I have to date myself for now. There’s nothing wrong with that!
So here’s some outfits I plan to rock while out on my ME dates this month…of course, I must channel my inner Lady in Red in time for Valentine’s Day.
Outfit #1: Cable Sweater Dress from Jessica London. You can buy it here. Color is red ochre and I am wearing a size 26/28. I love how it fits. I will say that if you get hot and flustered fast like I do, this dress is heavy and very warm. It’s appropriate for very cold weather and paired with my OneStopPlus boots and Torrid wide belt, it’s a great stylish winter option to channeling my inner Lady in Red. The belt is sold out but you can buy a similar one here. My tights are actually footless pant liner shapewear from Avenue that I have had for years. So it acts as tights and shapewear. A win-win! I like to wear socks with my boots so this works for me.
… I hope you will be inspired to channel your inner Lady in Red. Go for it this month! You always have a choice in how you spend your moments. Why not spend them looking fierce and feeling confident?

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