Frugal Changes – New Year, New Bedroom - Because Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!

I needed a change in the bedroom. No, not with my husband but with the decor! But I knew with saving for vacation and that higher heat bill, how in the world could I make changes now? EASY! A gallon of paint, wall decals, and Brylane Home’s great savings is all I needed.

I Love splashes of color- our kitchen is yellow, our living room green, our Marine son’s bedroom gray, our guest/niece’s room is pink, and our room is burgundy.

But I was getting tired of the same comforter, same color and honestly, our bedroom was no longer the relaxing sanctuary that I used to love to retreat to in the evenings. Plus, the more I disliked being in the room, the more junk started piling up on dressers, floors, under the bed, nightstand, and everywhere else in there.

It was a new year and time for a change!


I first started looking for the color I wanted in a comforter. Brylane Home has a wide variety of comforters, bedspreads, and complete bed sets to choose from. I fell in love with the Gramercy 8 pc Comforter Set. We had sheers for our drapes but I wanted to have matching curtains to go along with my colors for a more complete look.

And I was tired of all 4 walls being burgundy but still wanted that splash of color to break things up. Robert said there was no way we would just be able to paint over that burgundy. He was not relishing the fact that he was going to have to paint a coat of Kilz on it, then probably do two coats. For the simple fact alone, he was dragging his feet. I told him to trust me and just get the paint and primer in 1 can and see how it does. We chose the color, Let’s Do Lunch (yes that is really the name of it!), to match my great comforter and drapes from Brylane Home.

And of course, I was right and he was actually thankful this time! ONE coat of paint and it looks fantastic! Check out my beautiful new bedroom!I love how the colors all blend together. I was motivated to get rid of all the clutter that was piling up. I have found my sanctuary again!!!

The 8 pc Gramercy Set from Brylane Home comes with a comforter, bedskirt, 2 shams (1 with twin), 2 Euro shams, square toss pillow, and breakfast pillow. Brylane Home is so awesome they are going to give one of our lucky WUCkies a Gramercy Set also!


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