I’m In Love With My BrylaneHome Extra Wide Three-In-One Massaging Recliner Rocker

By Lisa – blogger at The Night Helper Blog

Everyone move away, step back from my Extra Wide Three-In-One Massaging Recliner Rocker.  Oh my goodness, my dream chair was just delivered and put together by my loving hubby. Many of you may not know this but I suffer from a chronic back injury that I sustained while I was nursing.So when BrylaneHome reached out to me to share one of their extra wide three-in-one massaging recliner chairs with my readers, I  literally “SCREAMED”!!! Did you guys hear me…lol?  When it comes to finding that right chair whether you have a back problem or not , it is very important to find one that provides comfort, that is well constructed and supports the whole body.

When the chair arrived I was so excited I even tried to put it together myself but of course I couldn’t!



Now of course some assembly required was needed to get this fabulous chair ready. It took my husband a while due to him sitting back drinking his coffee in between. I was biting my nails saying  come on , fix my chair please..lol!! He would look back at me with a snicker of laughter saying……you just can’t wait ha!!

Well it took him less than an hour to have it together for there were only five parts to assemble. Once he had the chair assembled all he needed to do was add the massager remote control and  Viola….my BrylaneHome Extra Wide Three-In-One Massaging Recliner Rocker was born..lol


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Lets get right down to the features and my opinion of this luxury chair. I simply adore it, it has everything  my body needs, wide width for more comfort and room, leg rest to support my tired legs, great back support for my aching back , well constructed durable cushion from the top of the chair right down to the leg rest but most of all this chair is equipped with a massager that flows evenly throughout the chair.

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This wonderful chair is cozy and will stimulate your body from the top of your head right down to the  buttocks and thigh area. The Extra Wide Three-In-One Massager Recliner Rocker enable you to get in and out of this chair with ease.  With its four level frequency system every area of your body can become relaxed and stressed free all with the control of the remote. You can adjust the chair to have a slow pulsating effect or if you’ve had a hard day and need an little extra relaxation you can set the remote to intense mode. With a width size of 23″wide and weight capacity of 350 lbs, your body will have the room it needs to relax. It’s truly an upscale chair that will add not only great benefits to your body but a glamorous look to any home decor, no matter where you place it, “bedroom”, “living room” or “den”. The only thing I can say is WOW,  BrylaneHome has truly provided me with a chair that meets my health needs when it comes to my back. As I stated to my husband and kids the other day”Step Away From The Chair” lol it is my own private chair I can now call my own.*wink*

So if you’re looking to find that right extra wide chair no need to continue looking for BrylaneHome has a selection of extra wide chairs for you.  Extra wide Livingroom chairs, Office chairs, Wingback chairs, Operated Lift Recliners, Extra wide Glider & Ottoman set and more at a good price and don’t worry it can be delivered right to your door.

More specs about the Extra Wide Three-In-One Massaging Recliner Rocker:

• supports up to 350-lbs.*

• extra wide 23″W seat

•  featuring a healing therapeutic vibrating frequency massage system that includes 4 frequencies for shoulder, waist, buttocks and thighs for full body relaxation

• remote and plug included

• UL Approved


• imported

• assembly

• dimensions: 41″H x 35¾”W x 40½”D can open to 68″ for all-around comfort

• seat height from floor: 18½” H

• can also be used as a rocker

You don’t have to wait you can visit BrylaneHome  HERE to purchase your new extra wide chair and you can also keep up with them via Facebook & Twitter!

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