Jessica London Ups Sizing

by Moe Wood

  • Spring is in the air! Well, I am sure it is somewhere. With all the snow we have here it is hard for me to get into that old spring feeling when all I want to do is hunker down in a nice chunky sweater. But snow aside, Jessica London is gearing up for spring with their new collection and most importantly, they have extended a line of their sizes up to a size 40! A size range that has been drastically ignored by the majority of retailers.
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    Classic Boatneck Dress by Jessica London


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    Fine Guage Cardigan by Jessica London


You do not need to search through all their product lines to find the extended sizes as they have created a page specifically for them. At the moment it is only featuring some basic suiting and casual wear but according to Denise Schramm, Senior Vice President/General Brand Manager, Jessica London. “The Jessica London® team started with key items that will help women add must-have fashion pieces to their wardrobe, and plans to expand the size ranges on other collections in the future.”

There are just over twenty styles to choose from not including color options. On the extended sizes page they have also included a few denim pieces and swimwear but none of them go above a size 32.

Here are five of my favorite pieces from their extended sizing line for women:

Classic Boatneck Dress – This dress comes in nine different colors and two striped. It is priced pretty reasonably at $35 to $40 depending on size. I love the dress and the color choices but unless it is layered under something I can see peek-a-boo bras being an issue. These sizes have a hard time finding clothing in their size, bras are even worse. I just wish this dress was a little more bra friendly.

Fine Gauge Cardigan — Such a pretty sweater comes in seven color choices (hopefully the same colors for the smaller sizes will become available soon, like cobalt blue for instance). It’s priced right for $39.99 and if you buy two you save another $5.

Double Breasted Pantsuit — This pantsuit comes in six color options as well as petite and tall lengths. It is machine washable and priced under $80.

They have the color basics as well as some spring colors in this plus size pant suit.

Striped Top — Such interesting stripe placement! This top is available in five color combinations and like the cardigan above if you buy two you get another $5 off.

I love the texture created by the stripes on this top.

Tee Shirt Maxi Dress — This $55 dress comes in five colors AND petite and tall! I always hate when I order a maxi dress and it comes above my ankles and I imagine ordering a maxi dress if you are petite is a horror too.

Lots of colors to choose from for this plus size maxi dress but even better is that it comes in petite and tall.

I like a lot of Jessica London fashions but I really wish they would employ models with fuller figures. I do not feel their model selection even remotely represents the majority of the sizing they offer.

Jessica London® offers international shipping to 90 countries. Check their site as they often have other promotions on too.


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