Lay Your Weary Head To Rest With New Sheets From BrylaneHome

By Becky – Blogger at The Mommy Island

My family has enjoyed reviewing the Microfleece Bedding collection from Brylane Home. It’s impossible to put a value on the benefit of having a great night’s sleep. I’ve always known your mattress can really affect your sleep but I never considered that our sheets could make a difference. I never knew there was such a thing as microfleece sheets, and boy have we been missing out! I’ve found since we’ve been sleeping with our new sheets from Brylane Home I’ve been sleeping through the night better since these sheets don’t slide off as easily. During some of the coldest nights my husband and I and on occasion even the Booper have been toasty warm under our new covers. These sheets are so luxurious and plush! To describe how fluffy they are, when our new bedding arrived the comforter came in one package and the sheets came in another. Both packages were the same size! I quickly washed both the sheets and comforter so we could start using them right away. They looked amazing right out of the dryer, not that I’m the type to iron sheets but these would never need it since they don’t wrinkle.

Choosing the colors for my bedding was easy, I went with Chocolate for the comforter and Olive for the sheets. Our bedroom is decorated in shades of green and brown my two favorite colors so these choices worked well with our decor. As I mentioned before even the Booper loves to snuggle down under these sheets. We had to go into his room one night and steal back our comforter since he had got up and snatched it to go back to sleep in his bed. He’s funny how he loves anything of mommy and daddy’s, but in this case I really don’t blame him we love this bedding too.

If you’re needing to freshen up your bedroom with new sheets, comforter or quilt then take a look at the gorgeous selection at Brylane Home. I’m in love with the microfleece bedding we received, and I’ll be taking a look at some of their lighter styles for warmer weather!

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