Let’s get personal!

You always knew you were a bit ‘gifted’…after all, how else could you have made it through the holidays still in tact? Well the gift part of the program for everyone else is over, and now you can look at what you wish you got, but didn’t. Time to start shopping – and this time it gets personal. If you didn’t get the following items, now is the time to go online and get them on sale, wear them right away and have them for spring.

“I really wish I got a white sweater.”
Oh, wait, I can get a gorgeous white sweater for under $30. Jessica London Cable Knit Tunic is so sexy and will look as great over velvet jeans or leggings now as it will over khakis or leggings in the spring. A feminine neckline, bell sleeves, and vertical cables for slimming, wishing just became getting.

“I really wish I got a pair of navy blue pants.”
Wow, I can get a pair now that I can wear straight through to the nautical look in spring. The Stretch Cotton 4-pocket Bootcut Tummy Control pants by Ellos® are simply a delight at 45% off!! Plus size pants have never had such a perfect fit and navy is a great change from black, yet equally slimming. The stretch fabric also has an innovative tummy control and the back yoke is an instant butt booster. Coming and going, this is a fabulous step up from jeans.

“I wish I got a really cool leather jacket.”
Jimmy Dean (the actor, not the sausage), eat your heart out. I’ve talked about this jacket before because I own it and I still love it every time I put it on – which is often! Woman Within Coat, Swing Style in Leather is that perfect combination of flattering fit and versatility since it looks great over dresses, pants, sweaters, you name it. And the navy just makes it that much more chic.

“I wish I got a pair of boots that I could actually fit over my jeans.”
Be still my curvy calves, I just found wide wide boots that give room to spare…even over jeans. Aria Leather Wide Calf Boot by Comfortview® is a tall, pebbled leather boot that comes in wide and wide wide widths…and it’s 50% off! Chloe Wide Calf Boot by Comfortview® is a leather-like boot (for even the worst weather) that has a full-stretch Lycra® back panel and comes in wide and wide wide widths. The higher front is a great slimming secret to elongate the legs.

By Nancy Nadler LeWinter