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By Ellen, blogger at ThriftyAndChicMom.com

The bathroom is one room that can get overlooked when we update. It tends to be a place we decorate at first and then never think about it again. A great way to breath new life into your bathroom is new and vibrant towels! This years color of the year is radiant orchid and it has kicked my love of purple into overdrive. Our house is a split level so the bathroom my kids use is the one that our guests use most often too. This means I need decor that appeals to my kids and guests.

towel storage

I decided to add some bright purple towels to the room to really add some bold color for spring. These towels are perfect and very reasonably priced the complete set of 6 towels for $14.99. The set includes 2 (25” x 50”) bath towels, 2 (15” x 25”) hand towels, 2 (12” x 12”) washcloths. The towels are not overly luxurious but are perfect for a guest bathroom and kids as the size is not overwhelming to little people.

Now that you have all these great towels you need someplace to store them. I love this cabinet with 3 drawers that I found at BrylaneHome, it is stylish looking and holds quite a bit. The canvas drawers and dark wood go well with my other furniture throughout the house and the price is perfect at $59.99. I actually love it so much I plan on purchasing another one for by the back door to store hats and gloves in. Does your bathroom need some updating? Be sure to check out all the colorful towel options as well as cabinets to store them in.


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