Updating Outdoors: BrylaneHome Wood Gazebo

By Lindsey, blogger at So Easy Being Green

We spend a lot of time outdoors in the Spring-Fall.  With two girls that would rather be playing outside than spending time indoors, it’s only natural that we’d want to spruce up our outdoor setting.  Each year we add a new project to our house – to better it and make it more updated and more us.  In the past, we’ve updated landscaping, built a wooden deck for our patio, installed container garden beds, and turned our backyard into a toy sanctuary.

Brylane Home Gazebo Wood

This year has been all about updating our back deck sitting conditions.  We entertain friends and family a lot, so we needed an area that welcomes guests and makes every day sitting a pleasure outside.

One thing that has been a complete eye sore this year was our patio umbrella.  It normally sits over our table to provide us with a bit of shade since we don’t have any trees or anything else providing shade in our back yard.  Our umbrella has faded and became a bit “zebra-striped” thanks to the sun.  That means there were two BIG reasons that I was thrilled when given the opportunity to review, at no cost to me, the 10×10 Wooden Gazebo from Brylane Home.

I actually kind of did a really bad thing – I agreed to review the Gazebo before I knew the measurements of our back deck!  I was determined to make it fit and luckily it did after all!

Brylane Home Gazebo Collage

Although he’s quite the handyman, hubby was reluctant on assembly like he normally is.  It can seem a little daunting to see a huge box on your porch and know it’s supposed to be a 10×10 Wooden Gazebo!  But when he saw my excitement, he got to work.  We assembled the Gazebo together in about 2 hours.  Of course, that was with a lot of little girl distractions!  The assembly was much easier than we both expected and all the materials that were needed were in the box – we just needed a screwdriver and step ladder [to put the cover on].

Assembling Wood Gazebo

In fact, we were so excited to see the Gazebo up that we worked on it after dark!  We finished at about 9:30 and just had to marvel at how well it looked!

Brylane Home Gazebo Wood

In fact, it looked even better in the daylight.  The color of the wood looks perfect with our deck and I was absolutely impressed with the quality of the Gazebo.  I feel like it makes our 5 year old patio table look beautiful again and I’m so glad to get rid of our zebra striped umbrella!

The Gazebo actually covers 100 square feet of space so now we have plenty of shaded area to sit and enjoy our backyard – we’ve already taken advantage of this often and I see it being our favorite place to entertain now.

Watching Kids Play Gazebo

I want to note that we did not anchor the Gazebo to our deck, as the instructions indicate not to, but the Gazebo should be anchored to the ground if that’s where you choose to place it.

The cover seems like great quality too – it’s vented for better air flow and is also water-resistant and fire-retardant.  On the first few days the Gazebo was up it rained all day long and I did notice that a lot of rain blew in, so it’s best to rely on the Gazebo for shade rather than complete rain cover.

Brylane Home Wood Gazebo

Overall I couldn’t be happier with both of our latest Back Deck additions – remember my review of the 3 Seat Swing sitting beside the Gazebo!?  I feel like the Wood Gazebo has really made our back deck look nicer and I know it’s going to make spending time outside more enjoyable for the whole family!

If you’ve been thinking about updating your outdoor spaces, BrylaneHome.com has you covered – literally!  Right now is the perfect time to buy as they have great deals on most of their Outdoor Products too!  This 10×10 Wood Gazebo normally retails for $399.99, but is on sale right now for $209.99 [that’s 73% off!].

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