5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

One of the best things about our neighborhood is that we have a festive group of neighbors. Almost every house has special touches for the holidays.  Personally, we love all of the holiday glitz, but don’t want to be excessive when it comes to our environmental impact.  There is a happy medium between being an excessive consumer and bare-minimum Grinch.  We have done a lot of research on ideas for outdoor holiday decorations that are fun, festive, and eco-friendly.  Here are our personal tips.

1. Use timers Place your holiday decorations on a timer so that you don’t forget and leave decorations lit past your preferred threshold. No one needs to see your holiday lights at 3am, so reduce your energy usage. Personally, we have some of our Brylane Home Decorations on a timer.

2. Buy reusable outdoor decorations Purchase decorations that you are able to reuse for many years. For instance, we’ll tell you about a 12-piece Holiday Entry set from Brylane Home that we are able to reuse each year.

3. Use LED lights instead of incandescent The wattage for LED lights is typically 80 to 90% less than that of incandescent lights. Pay close attention to the types of lights before making your purchase.  Personally, we use a trendy holiday decoration set from Brylane Home that uses LED lights.

4. Buy an artificial tree that you reuse each year Purchase an artificial tree that you are able to reuse each year.  For instance, we have an artificial tree that is several years old and is still in excellent shape.  We carefully store it in a closet each year and then pull it out each holiday season.

5. Less is more Analyze each item that you purchase and consider whether you will be able to reuse the item in future years. If the item is something that you will use this year and then toss, then think about whether there are other options. Personally our family follows these rules.  While we don’t want to be excessive, we also don’t want to be the neighborhood Grinch family.  We use a trendy 12-piece Holiday Entry Set from Brylane Home that adds holiday glitz to our house. It is easy to set up and easy to manage. The festive trees and wreaths are topped with red bows; urn trees have antique bronze resin urns.   Here is the product description:

“Includes: 8 pathway stake 17″ trees (each with 35 tips, 10 LED lights), 2 urn 35″ trees (each with 81 tips, 35 LED lights), 20″ wreath (82 tips, 35 LED lights) and green doorway wreath hanger.”

We love that this set is easy to set up and take down each year.  It is also compact and easy to store in a closet. The classic look is something that we are able to reuse from year-to-year.  We like that the pathway stakes are cordless and use just 3 “AA” batteries each. The set is versatile in that even if we move homes, we should still be able to use this trendy set since the pathway stakes are cordless and could be arranged in different configurations. The cordless feature gives a lot of flexibility.  Of course, the urns with trees and wreath with the doorway wreath hanger also have a classic look that we are able to reuse each year. Does your family have an eco-friendly holiday decor tips?

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