BrylaneHome – Extra Wide Deluxe Padded Office Chair Review

By Sarah, Blogger at A Thrifty Mom

BrylaneHome office chair review

BrylaneHome sent me this Extra Wide Deluxe Padded Office Chair to review.  It was time for a new office chair at our house. The one we had looked like a molting snake, with the “fake leather” peeling off in different areas. It still functioned just fine, just was an embarrassment … and looked awful. If you are wondering why I wanted an extra wide chair… it is NOT because I have an extra wide back side since I had the baby :).  I wanted a wider chair because my kids often sit two at a time while at the desk to play games together or read books.  So having a wider chair makes it easier for two little rear ends to sit in it…lol.

As always I had my little helpers, help me assemble my chair.  My boys were eager to help me start by ripping open the box and getting all the parts out of the box.  BrylaneHome is always great about taking great care in packing your item.  They are padded and shipped very carefully to insure your item arrives safe and sound.  BUT that also means you have a lot of bubble wrap and cardboard to take off before you can start assembly.

BrylaneHome office chair review

Once the “ripping stuff open” part was over the boys were done and off to play.  That is when my girls stepped in and helped me with assembly.  As always BrylaneHome was great about having detailed instructions with how to put my chair together.  The whole project took about 25 minutes.  I did have a bit of trouble getting the last bolt on the arms of the chair…. the instructions warned me NOT to tighten them down till all bolts were in place. I some how failed to follow that instruction, and ended up having to take all the bolts off and start that part over again…oops lesson learned (FOLLOW the instructions lol).   The kids even gave it a little test run before we “parked it” inside, next to my desk. You can watch that short video on Instagram here  or Facebook here.

BrylaneHome office chair review

Here is a little more info about the Extra Wide Deluxe Padded Office Chair, plus right now they are 50% off !

Eight hour days never felt this good. Our Extra Wide Deluxe plus size office chair has added support in all the right places with a padded head rest and ample lumbar support. Padding is made of polyester fill and CA117 foam.

• supports up to 450-lbs.*
• extra-wide 25″ seat
• padded head rest.
• extra lumbar support
• padded armrests
• 42½”H x 30½”W x 28″D
• seat adjusts from 18″ to 21″H
• tilting mechanism
• swivel
• heavy gauge metal frame
• imported
• in black or brown it’ll looks great sitting under one of our extra large desks or next to any of our other plus size office furniture.

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