Getting Organized- Create a baking corner

By Kimberly, Blogger at The Extreme Coupon Professors

BrylaneHome Baking CornerBrylaneHome has been saving my life lately….at least saving my sanity! Our home has been in renovation mode for quite some time. With unexpected bumps in the road, like needing a new septic and a new car, the cosmetic renovations has been put on hold indefinitely. It gets frustrating after awhile not having order in the main living areas and I was definitely needing some order.  BrylaneHome  has assisted nicely in helping us out.

I love baking this time of year, so do other family members, which I do encourage. Over the last few weeks though, I’ve started to make some recipes and found ingredients that I had bought had “disappeared.” My measuring cup was MIA and the bottle of caramel was nowhere to be found, either. The flour in another closet had spilled over on a shelf . The desire for baking was deflating quickly. I needed my own corner for my baking needs and this 10-Drawer Storage Organizer  did the trick!

Have you checked out the prices of items I’ve been posting from BrylaneHome? What deals! The items we’ve been posting have been at least 50% off. Comparing them to similar items on Amazon and Kohl’s, BrylaneHome has still been cheaper!

This unit was very simple to put together. My 12 year old nephew helped me and we were done in less than 10 minutes.

I have a drawer for my hand mixer –and its 2 beaters.  It also holds my measuring cup and a complete set of measuring spoons.
Another drawer holds ingredients for recipes I plan on making. Yes, I got another jar of caramel sauce and will be making the apple recipe this weekend.
Another drawer has my table cloths.
The other drawers hold baking ingredients such as peanut butter, Crisco, etc.

The great thing about this corner, is it’s only mine! The family closet has other baking ingredients if anyone wants to bake. I will always know where my mixer is, my spoons are and this makes me feel very organized and ready to bake whenever I’m ready.


This 10-drawer organizer, along with the 6-drawer organizer and the 4-drawer organizer is still 50% off and there are many other great deals to help you organizer through your home!

I’m using my organizer for baking, but some other ideas would be to organize winter mittens and hats, craft items, toiletry items. Use it for a sewing station. For most needs, this organizer will help!

Though, I’m posting some of BrylaneHome deals, you too can follow their Facebook page and Twitter  to catch the newest deals yourself. The holidays are around the corner and they have a lot of decorative items to accent your home and to help with entertaining.

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