BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners

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I have a fabulous review and giveaway for you guys today. Ready to save some space, time, and energy in your kitchen? Well, let me introduce you to your new favorite appliance…the BrylaneHome Toaster Home with Dual Burners.

Spring is here and it’s time to start sending some time outdoors! One of my favorite things to do is CAMP. I truly believe in my heart of hearts it is the ultimate family boding experience. Cell phone reception is usually horrible there are no 55 inch TVs and wrap around couches to veg out on. It is all about the outdoors, exploring and being together. I can tell you that when my RV comes home from storage – I tear up. Every single time. Life is so busy and chaotic…I mean I feel like when I blink a whole year goes by and camping gives me the chance to appreciate some of things that I take for granted everyday.

BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners Review

Yes, I am very fortunate that we have a RV.  I have been camping with my family since I was a baby, it is part of me and who I am. When I got married it was one thing that I wanted to make sure my family had as well. So we saved and forgo-ed new cars so that we have a camper of our own :)

Now if you camp – you know that cooking can sometimes be a challenge. And if you have an RV or a trailer – you know that using the oven in those is next to impossible. They work – but they make the trailer so hot and they never cook very evenly or as quick as the oven at home. I can honestly say that I have only used our once and my dad has NEVER used his.

BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners Review

So how do I make my life a bit easier when we are out and enjoying the open road? With the BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners. I LOVE that it has the dual burner too – I can just set the Toaster Oven outside on our table plug it in and cook outside! I absolutely love it! It opens up a whole new world of cooking for me while we are camping too.

Now, of course, this wonderful Toaster Oven would also be great in any home dorm or apartment as well. It saves a ton of space and energy. It uses a lot less energy to cook then the big ole oven you have in your kitchen now…I guarantee it! And saving energy saves you money ;)

BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners Review

Here are the features:

  • 2 6″ burners on top with separate control knobs
  • 210º-475ºF thermostat control
  • Bake tray, wire rack, metal bake tray holder, glass door and metal handle
  • 60-minute timer
  • 24-quart
  • 1500 watts
  • ETL Approved
  • Dimensions: 12″H x 18¼”W x 11⅛”D

BrylaneHome Toaster Oven With Double Burners Review

The BrylaneHome toaster oven is built to last long and make your time in the kitchen (or RV!) easier. You can create multiple dishes in just moments with it’s convenient design to have a delicious meal ready in no time. It leaves room for plenty of counter space and comes at an unbeatable value!  In fact, it is on sale right now for just $89.99 – that’s 40% off the regular price!

Check out the BrylaneHome Dual Burner Toaster Oven

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