Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry

By Sarah, blogger at A Thrifty Mom

I was excited to be able to review this Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome. This little cabinet is the perfect solution for needed storage and fashion at the same time. I just love the copper front, set against the white cabinet.  Right now it is on sale for 50% off priced at just $139.00 (was  $279.99). PLUS you get free shipping on your first order of $75 or more.

Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome

They have lots of other kitchen storage items to pick from too (most of them on sale as well)

Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry
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Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome

You do have to put it together, it came in a well packaged box surrounded by foam. Perfect for shipping because lets face it things tend to get banged around while they ship and this keeps them nice and safe.

Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome

Putting things together stresses me out a little bit…. BUT BrylanHome makes sure assembly is quick and EASY to understand. All the parts are labeled both on the instructions and on the part themselves.   If you can read a recipe then you can read these instructions. If I can do it anyone can to it :).

Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome

I admit that even WITH these awesome instructions I put the shelves in the wrong order…. and had to take it  back apart (oops).  But that was made easier with the cam lock system they have. You screw the peg into the predrilled  hole, then put the peg threw the pre drilled hole. Then lock it into place with the round part that goes into the hole with a philips head screwdriver.  Makes for a nice tight fit, but also easy to take apart (without stripping the screws) if you need to.

I have to say it felt pretty good to put this cute little shelf together ALL BY MYSELF! Turned out simply adorable!

Copper Accent Kitchen Pantry from BrylaneHome

I actually plan to use this in my closet.  I need some extra storage but I have having a hard time finding a cabinet that was narrow enough.  I think it will be the perfect fit and I plan to put my perfume on top as well as a basket holding my belts and scarves.  SUPER excited that I found the perfect storage solution!


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