Where Would You Fit?

  • New York

    Functional Areas (NY)

    Business Strategy

    Our Business Strategy team plays a key role in clarifying and driving strategic and operational improvements across the company. Started in 2011, this team works on a range of critical cross-functional projects and helps tackle operational challenges using an analytical mindset and a drive to make a high impact.

    Corporate Support

    Site Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), Finance, Security and Facilities are responsible for servicing the business needs of the New York team by partnering with our corporate teams located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Creative Services

    Our Creative Services team supports every brand within FULLBEAUTY Brands to develop, maintain and drive best-in-class creative direction and execution for our catalogs and websites. Partnering with merchants, they lead the evolution of our brands by transforming customer data into visual sales techniques that address each brand’s personality and attributes.


    Our Design team supports merchants by providing trend direction, establishing seasonal color palettes and creating print design. The design team includes in-house Fashion Design & CAD Design specialists across all product categories utilizing branding, collection and fit expertise.


    Our E-Commerce team supports merchants with the merchandising on our websites by developing online marketing strategies to drive traffic and leveraging E-Commerce tools to convert traffic into sales. This team partners with our in-house Online Technology and Information Technology (IT) teams to enhance the web and mobile experience for our customers. The E-Commerce team is composed of three groups: online merchandising, E-Commerce development and online marketing and strategy.

    Global Sourcing

    The Global Sourcing team supports merchants with the sourcing and production of our products at the right cost and speed by leveraging sourcing, production and technical design expertise. This process includes evaluating vendors to ensure ethical principles and standards. Global Sourcing is also responsible for managing, developing and implementing best-in-class business methods, tools and information systems across the sourcing, product development and product testing teams.


    Our Inventory team is responsible for many aspects of the product cycle from budgeting to buying and re-buying merchandise through planning, forecasting and adjusting future budgets. Our Inventory team works closely with Merchandising and Global Sourcing to ensure our merchandise is available to our customer at the right time.


    Our Marketing team supports our brands with marketing strategies that drive our business objectives. Leveraging customer insights and using the latest customer analytics, the marketing team is dedicated to keeping our customers engaged through catalog marketing, direct mail, credit marketing and promotion programs.


    Our Merchandising team is responsible for all phases of product development, selection, assortment building and placement of the collection in both catalog and web channels. Being a merchant at FULLBEAUTY Brands means being accountable for strategizing, planning and executing goals in a specific product category within one of our 8 uniquely targeted yet synergistic brands.

    Online Technology

    Our Online Technology team supports FULLBEAUTY Brands in all phases of our websites design, development, and management. The Online Technology team blends proven technologies with cutting edge ideas, frameworks, and techniques in an agile work method to provide innovative solutions to FULLBEAUTY Brands’ business objectives and our external customers’ needs. This department is fast paced and dynamic in their approach to creating business value.

  • Indiana

    Functional Areas (IN)


    Our Engineering team touches upon the rapidly changing technology in business. Engineers drive innovation in new technologies and equipment, workflow, process improvement, space and equipment utilization.


    The role of the Finance team is to be a strategic business partner, supporting all areas of the organization by providing financial and accounting information to help them make informed business decisions. This team is also responsible for keeping records of every financial transaction, analyzing data and ensuring all functional areas are operating within an approved budget. The Finance Department is comprised of Tax, Legal, Internal Audit, Treasury, Inventory, Accounts Payable and finance professionals in accounting and financial analysis.

    Human Resources

    CORPORATE HUMAN RESOURCES: The Corporate Human Resources team is responsible for developing programs and policies from a corporate perspective and then partnering with the Site Human Resources teams to implement the programs and policies. Corporate Human Resources includes specialized positions in the following areas: Payroll/HRIS, Benefits, Training and Development, Compensation, Health & Safety and Corporate PR & Communications.

    SITE HUMAN RESOURCES: The Site Human Resources team provides support and guidance to all of our associates. They function as a strategic partner by ensuring policies are understood, staffing objectives are met, and organization values are practiced.


    The IT department’s primary role is to provide technical and infrastructure support that is used to make the business function. The group is comprised of Telecommunications, Technical Support, Logistics, Systems Development, Operations, Network, Database, and Engineering professionals.


    Responsibilities of our Operations management team include: safety, quality, productivity, cost, delivery to the customer, associate recognition and motivation, and performance management. In addition, the team uses quantitative analysis to drive continuous process improvements. Within our Operations area, there is also a large population of hourly associates responsible for picking, packing and shipping merchandise to fulfill customer orders.


    Our Quality team ensures that products delivered from manufacturers meet our specifications and requirements before going to the customer. Quality systems have grown in importance and carry much responsibility in the overall SCM and Operations processes.

    Supply Chain Management

    Team members are responsible for procuring products from overseas; transporting products from overseas to U.S. ports of entry; and shipping products domestically to one of 2 Indiana distribution centers.

    Technical / Building Services

    The Technical / Building Services team has a broad range of responsibilities for our building and equipment. This group is responsible for troubleshooting and programming PLCs, as well as the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, conveyor and sortation systems.

  • Texas

    Functional Areas (TX)

    Building Services

    The Building Services team has a broad range of responsibilities for our building and equipment.

    Customer Relations/Management

    Our customer relations / management associates ensure our customers have an online or on-the-phone shopping experience that services their needs beyond expectations. These associates are energetic and enjoy helping people find what they need. Members of this team also analyze market and call management system data to ensure we have the right staffing levels to meet our customer demands – in real time.

    Customer Service/Sales

    Customer service associates stand by ready to service customer’s tough questions and specific needs. They work to ensure our customer’s expectations are exceeded.

    Human Resources

    Our Human Resource team provides support and guidance to all of our call center associates. They function as a strategic partner by ensuring policies are understood, staffing objectives are met, and organization values are practiced.


    In a technology driven contact center, our telecom associates play a critical role, ensuring our systems are supported and customers can place orders with confidence.


    Our training team delivers a blended learning strategy consisting of lecture, technology, and hands-on reference, to give our associates the necessary knowledge and practicum for success.