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Create a Backyard Escape with Brylane Home

By Jennifer, blogger at Jen’s Journey

For a couple of months now, we have been working on creating a beautiful backyard space for us to sit and have company over and just have a place to escape the craziness of life. I have been working with Brylane Home to create that beautiful space and I can finally say — we are done creating that beautiful backyard escape. Here is how you can create one as well.

We started with a blank space and added some gorgeous flowers and a table and chairs that we got last year (you can read about that adventure in this post).

After that, we added a back porch swing which we got from Brylane Home as well. It added the perfect touch and gave us that extra sitting space we needed (click here to see how easy it was to put together and exactly where you can find it on the website).

Then my husband purchased his grill. This is the first gas grill we have ever owned — and we have been together 24 years. But even with the grill, I knew something was missing. I wanted to add a touch of lantern lights and I found the PERFECT ones — exactly what I was going for — right at
Brylane Home

Create a romantic space at Brylane Home

The lantern lights were super easy to hang up and they look beautiful at night all lit up. My daughter and I have had the best time creating a beautiful space on our back porch. Not only is it a romantic getaway for me and my husband — where we can sit underneath the beauty of their glow –


But it has also become a place where my daughter can sit and watch all the little hummingbirds.

Watching the birds perch on our brylane home lantern lights

You too can create a beautiful backyard escape using Brylane Home. You can check them out on –

  • The website (Http://www.brylanehome.com)
  • Facebook: Facebook.com/BrylaneHome
  • Twitter: Twitter.com/brylanehome

They run great specials all the time, so check them out, pick out some new products for your home, and get started creating fun getaway spaces in your home.

Have you ever shopped Brylane Home? They are quickly becoming a favorite place of mine to shop.


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