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Sit Back and Relax!

Outdoor spaces, whether a patio, deck, gazebo or terrace, offer a place to sit back and relax during warm summer months.  Or, year round here in the south where I live!

Creating a comfy, inviting living space isn’t just for inside my home.  I enjoy bringing my personality outside by incorporating furniture and accessories, durable enough to withstand the elements, into my patios.  Brylane Home is an online resource to find both outdoor and indoor home merchandise at reasonable prices.

I have 4 adirondack chairs in my backyard that were purchased unfinished a few years ago so I could paint them any color; they started off yellow and are now red.  The one thing they’ve been missing is a cushion to add a bit of comfort and color contrast.  When I saw the navy and white ikat looking pattern adirondack cushions on Brylane Home, I knew they would be perfect.  There were actually 11 colors to choose from but I liked the graphic nature of my selected pattern.  I was giddy when my Brylane Home box arrived.  Fast delivery! The box was huge because the cushions were laid out flat inside the box, which I thought was nice because it avoided squished, deformed shaping.  I quickly tore off the plastic that each were wrapped in and set them on my chairs.

PicMonkey Collage2 Yay!, the colors now tie my raised and lower patios together with a turquoise, red, navy & white scheme.  The cushion fabric was slightly stiff, definitely comparable to most outdoor fabrics, and had a nice density with approximately 2″ of foam.  The color was crisp and to my delight was a true navy rather that a bright blue.  When sitting in the chair, the bottom half of the cushion stops slightly before the end of the seat, which I thought looked strange at first, but realized is where my knee naturally bent.  Now, my family will enjoy added comfort when we sit around roasting s’mores!

PicMonkey Collage4 Thank you Brylane Home for improving my outdoor space.  By providing a nice online selection of outdoor products, Brylane Home can help anyone turn their outdoor space into a retreat.  Look now for great summer savings with 150 Outdoor items up to 50% off!  REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!!

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