Jewelry Collection Organizer Review

By Sarah, Blogger at A Thrifty Mom

Jewelry Organizer hangs on the back of a door or mounts to a wall, #Hacks, #Organization #GiftIdeas

I am rather excited about this Jewelry Collection Organizer I just got from Brylanehome.  I have been in desperate need of something to organize my jewelry for awhile now.  But I could not find something that would both fit my jewelry AND fit into the space I wanted it in.   I wanted to hang it under my window in the end of my walk in closet. I was tickled pink to find this one that fit both my needs. PLUS right now it is one sale!

All my jewelry has been in bags or baskets, because I have not had a way to organize them. It was very hard to find what I was looking for and they often got tangled together.  Let me just say…. I think I need to attend a support group meeting for necklace hoarders.  I really had no idea now many I had until I started putting them on this rack.  they just kept coming and coming.  It was like shopping in my own closet, I found a bunch of stuff I forgot I had. Some girls like shoes, some like bags…  apparently I like necklaces :)

My girls were excited to help me, and I was just happy to have their help.  I was untangling and they were hanging and organizing. It is SO NICE to have everything out where I can see it, and access it.  The rack comes in two parts so you can use it full length like I have shown in the photos.  Or you can use each piece separate, for a shorter space. Or use it in two totally different rooms.    It comes with hardware to hang on the wall, or the back of a door.  The hooks just hang over the top, so you can easily move it with no damage done.  This option would be perfect for renters who do not want to put any holes in their walls.


A little more info about the  Jewelry Collection Organizer.

Jewelry Organizer hangs on the back of a door or mounts to a wall, #Hacks, #Organization #GiftIdeasNever misplace another piece of jewelry again. This unique Jewelry Organizer hangs from the wall or door back and keeps your entire collection in easy reach.

• dimensions: 31 ½”H x 21″W x 4″D
• hardware included
• 16 hooks for 100+ necklaces
• 12 bars for 75+ bracelets & watches
• 10 posts for over 50 rings
• earring board
• accessories tray
• white powder-coated steel

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