• Ellos Makes Online Debut For Ladies Sizes 10 To 34

    By Danielle Kwateng, StyleBlazer   New is an understatement when it comes to Ellos.US. The Swedish brand officially launched online this week, even though it was founded in 1947 as a department store. Their social media presence has a long way to go, in a saturated market of e-retailers. But they’re hopeful. Under the FULLBEAUTY Brands […]

  • How I Finally Had My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

    By Liz Black, blogger, Refinery 29 When I was a teenager, I didn’t spend a lot of time in front of the TV, but one show I religiously watched was Sex and the City. I idolized Carrie Bradshaw: her job, her clothes, her apartment, everything besides her tumultuous love life. I was convinced that this […]

  • PEOPLE STYLEWATCH: Meghan Trainor’s Style Mantra: ‘Show What You’re Working With’

    The “All About That Bass” singer, who grew up feeling uncomfortable when she couldn’t quite fit the same clothing her friends were wearing, is urging fans to feel confident in their own skin, which is why she has recently partnered with FullBeauty Brands, a fashion line targeted to full-figured women. “FullBeauty is bomb because they promote […]

  • FULLBEAUTY Brands Launches fullbeauty.com, The Premier Fashion Destination for Sizes 12+

    New York, NY (April 2, 2015) – FULLBEAUTY Brands, the recognized authority for full-figured fit and fashion, announces the launch of its marketplace website fullbeauty.com (formerly onestopplus.com), the premier fashion destination for sizes 12+. The reinvigorated site features over 300 brands, fit tips and fashion trends, information and inspiration reflecting the concept of living life […]

  • Pop Superstar Meghan Trainor Partners with FULLBEAUTY Brands

    New York, NY (March 23, 2015) – FULLBEAUTY Brands, the recognized authority for full-figured fit and fashion announces its partnership with Grammy Nominated Pop Superstar, Meghan Trainor. The singer and songwriter completely blew up in 2014 with her smash 6x platinum hit single “All About That Bass,” earning her two Grammy Award nominations. She followed […]

  • VIDEO: FULLBEAUTY Brands donates bus to Indy daycare

    This video says it all: Donating our time and efforts to our local communities is ever-important in our culture at FULLBEAUTY Brands. Recently, a cross-functional team worked together to purchase and design a bus for DayStar, a local daycare. Click below to watch.    

  • Think Spring?

    This weekend has been the coldest in thirty years, so why should I even think of spring clothes? First, if you are one of the more popular sizes…14, 16, 18… It’s the one way you can make sure you get the great spring clothes you want. The same for the most popular colors…black, blue and […]

  • Best boot buys

    I love that the best boot sale is in January since I get 3 more months of wear at the lowest price of the season! We went through our faves and noticed that there are dozens, yes dozens, of boots that were under $50. These are definitely fit to be tried! Best Bootie Charlie Bootie […]

  • Decisions, decisions

    Do we buy winter clothes on sale, or get a jump-start on spring with something fresh and fabulous? With a little searching, we can have them both. It used to be that there were cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes. Now, thanks to the genius of layering, that line isn’t so clear and we […]

  • Flaunt or Fake

    We all get pretty jaded by the awards shows and this year’s Golden Globes was much more about the fashion than the less-seen independent films and premium-pay cable shows. The most accurate quip of the night came from Jeremy Renner when he presented with JLo and her very, very deep-cut dress…she said “I’ve got the […]

  • OneStopPlus.com is becoming fullbeauty.com

    We’ve been listening. When OneStopPlus.com was started eight years ago, customers said they wanted convenience, choice and style in plus size…literally, everything plus in one place. With the evolution of plus size fashion and the incredible validation that brings, plus size women now have the confidence and empowerment from knowing beauty encompasses more than a […]

  • Transition Bottoms

    We all know that women buy about 10 times as many tops as bottoms because they’re easier to fit and most of us just like the top half better than the bottom half. So when we do invest in bottoms, they better be flattering and versatile. That’s why denim is just so genius! When it’s […]