Plus Size OOTD: Featuring Jessica London Leather Jacket

It’s been so cold and blah lately, so I wanted to wear something a little more bold and cheery when I was heading out over the weekend. I decided to go with a simple black fit & flare dress and tights, and then add some bright colors and fun accessories. I don’t like a lot of layers or bulkiness, so leather jackets are perfect for me. I pretty much live in them in winter, and I definitely prefer them over long, heavy coats.

This jacket is from Jessica London, and I stayed warm and still felt stylish all day. I really love the color on this one too! When I was looking at this jacket it, was difficult to decide on a color because they had so many gorgeous, vibrant colors to choose from. I’m a pink girl though, so I went with the jacket in bright berry, of course! It was also incredibly comfortable, so I was a happy girl :)

I also chose a bold, cobalt colored handbag, a beret, pink gloves and a fun graphic infinity scarf to finish out my look. The beret, scarf and gloves are definitely a must-have for cold winter days! I really loved how they looked paired with the berry colored jacket. It was all definitely totally my style!

I love the zipper accents on this jacket. With a front zip, zippered pockets and the zippered sleeves, I totally fell in love! It gives it more of a modern feel.



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