Styled: Jessica London Lace Sleeve Blouse

By blogger at The Supreme Style
When it comes to wardrobe staples, I need something unique, something that feels fresh and modern, but still has the function and versatility of a traditional staple. I love wardrobe staples with a twist. I love prints, patterns, textures and unexpected details. While a classic white button-up shirt doesn’t excite me, a more stylish approach like this lace sleeve blouse from Jessica London gives me that same vibe without feeling so plain.
This blouse has a similar structure to the traditional button-up, but it has so many unique details and features that really bring it to life. The lace sleeves give the top a chic, romantic feel, and also give me that texture and pattern detail that I love. The versatility of the lace makes this top a great option for work or going out.
Instead of buttoning all the way down, this blouse has four hidden snaps at the top that give a smooth, polished look.  If you wanted to try a vest or sweater over this top, you won’t have to worry about those pesky buttons poking out and showing. It’s a very clean design.
The length of this top makes it great for pairing with so many different types of bottoms. Leggings, skirts and jeans would all work perfectly. This is fabulous little wardrobe staple is the perfect canvas for creating your style vision. It really helps accessories to pop and liven up your look.
I have been playing dress-up with this blouse this weekend and trying out all the different ways I can think to add it in with my existing wardrobe. Here are four of my fave ways to style this gorgeous lace sleeve blouse:
There are so many great ways to style this top, and I am sure I will think of more that fit in with my wardrobe and style!


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