The Curve Report: How to Style The Cutest Capes!

by Denise Caldwell

Hey Curvinistas!
I’ve gone on a chic mission to find caplets that compliment your curves and also take the menswear-inspired trend from the catwalk to your closet!
Below are a few ways to incorporate the cape into your wardrobe and also savvy advice when trying this trend.
Stylist Tips:

  • Style your look in confidence. Fit, length, and quality should all be key factors when selecting your outerwear piece. Find a flattering length that will compliment your body shape. If you are petite in height, choose one that hits above the hip or right at the waist. And my longer-torso ladies and taller girls—feel free to go the distance with your selection!
  • When selecting a cape this fall, use the 360 degree approach! Take some time in the fitting room and use the mirror to your advantage. See how it looks from front, side, and most importantly, the derriere view. Try one with a little structure or “Curvilinear Definition.” It will flatter your frame.
  • This is a trend that “One Size Fits All” applies! Ponchos, cloaks, caplets, and shawls are definitely a curve-friendly item.
  • Incorporate classic and trendy patterns! Try a cool color, material, or embellishment. Have fun with your poncho choice. It’s fashion, so play up your personality and personal style.

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Media Credit:
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