Travel big, pack small

Sometimes I wonder if I like to travel so much because I like to escape or simply because I love the options we have in life. I prefer driving to flying and have driven cross-country four times in the past two years. That may seem extreme, but it is so amazing to see this country. I understand why older people feel they have lost their freedom when they can no longer drive. So enjoy it now…not the ‘sitting in traffic’ kind of driving, but the ‘seeing the world’ kind. One thing that’s imperative no matter how you choose to travel is packing light or, more accurately, packing small. I’m a bit of a pro at it, being able to do carry-on for up to a two-week trip. Here’s what I do…

Black Pants
Not just one or two pairs, I pack 3 pairs of black pants for a week, and generally wear a pair for the travel part of the trip. Woman Within Pants, straight legged in 7-Day knit are perfectly named because they are so mix-and-match and are great for packing. Jessica London Straight Leg Bi-Stretch Pants give a flawless fit with bi-stretch fabric in a straight fit for a polished look. Great if you want to tuck in a top under a jacket or want a long lean line with a tunic. Last but not least, you need leggings, whether it’s to wear when you’re actually in the car or plane, or when you go out. I love lightweight, easy to wash and dry leggings. Roaman’s Essential Stretch Knit Ankle Length Leggings are your go-to plus size leggings to wear under tunics, bigshirts, and even dresses! The stretch fabric is flattering and makes your legs look great. Since lots of travel is to warmer weather, I can’t resist recommending my favorite leggings — Roaman’s Cropped Lattice Hem Leggings. A slim silhouette that elongates the leg, the stretch fabric is flattering and holds its shape. Lattice detail from mid-calf to hem looks trendy and dresses up even a tee shirt.














Top This
You want a basic with just a little attitude, and that’s Roaman’s Notch Thermal Tunic. This soft thermal plus size tunic has a Deep scoop-and-notch feminine neckline and comes in six great colors. So, if you have a fave pair of leisure shoes, match the color and look ath-leisure chic. Tunic length knit top with hanky hem by Ellos®, in purple, teal or black, has a trapeze shape that drapes beautifully and is perfect for packing. To be able to get dressed up by simply putting on a pretty top is packing genius. Roaman’s Lace and Jewel Pullover is perfect lightweight glam in 3 colors. Works just as great with dark jeans as dressy wide leg pants.











By Nancy Nadler LeWinter